Have a Child Support Order and Been Recently Activated?

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Have a Child Support Order and Been Recently Activated?

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Have a Child Support Order and Been Recently Activated?
Protect Your Children and Yourself
Contact your State Child Support agency as soon as possible:

If your income level has changed, or will change, you may be eligible for the agency to review and adjust the amount of your support order;
If your support payments are being withheld from your paycheck, the state agency can ensure the withholding is transferred to DFAS on a timely basis to prevent or minimize missed payments. Also, ask your current employer to notify the state agency of your deployment and to provide all needed information.

If you have a child support hearing scheduled, the agency can try to move it up or let the court or hearing officer know your service status;
If your child support order includes health care coverage for your child (medical support), your child is eligible for the military health coverage TRICARE. The agency may be able to assist you in signing your child up with DEERS;

Remember - If you owe $5,000 or more past-due support, your passport will be withheld until you make arrangements with your State Child Support Agency for paying off the debt. Some states require the debt to be paid off before your passport is made available.

Information can be obtained from state child support enforcement agencies at

/programs/cse/extinf.htm#exta, OCSE Information Memorandum (IM)-01-09 at /programs/cse/pol/IM/im-01-09.htm and from DOD at https://www.jagcnet.army.mil/Legal under "Family Law Matters."

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